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15dci van

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Anyone know if the loom is capable and ready to have rear speakers fitted??
Very pleased with van Upto 53mpg with roof rack on
32000 miles rear tyres originals fronts changed at 22000
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Something I'm looking at next will let you know if I get anywhere
I have had the stereo out but nothing obvious stood out
Did you get any joy yourself ?
Good luck
you had any joy with this yet rudders, ive not had my van to have a look as its been in for repair
I put a set of Alpine 6 '' in the rear of the van they sound great the stereo is set up for the speakers but the rear of the stereo does not have the female plugs you have to make your own but worth the hassle Good Luck
Hi g joneson did you have to install the cables or were they already in? where did you fit the speakers were they boxed in something you made or in one of the panels
You got any pics mate
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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