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17 inch alloys

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Hi all. I am thinking of putting 215/50 R17 tyres on 17x7.5J rims with 35 offset on my NV200 Combi. Is anyone else running this size and offset on theirs? My 'backup' thought is 205/55 R16 on 16x7J rims. I would prefer the 17 inch set up but I am not sure if they will stick out from the wheel arches to much. Any opinions and pics would be very much appreciated.
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I posted earlier on the 16" tire size. Be very careful going too tall, it will mess up a CVT transmission. If you are over the pond with a manual, you have more freedom.
JB thanks for the reply. I looked at your altima/maxima post and those 16" rims and tyres do look good. I've now found some Wolfrace rims which I will defo have. I just need to decide whether 16" or 17". Both diameters are 7" wide with a 35 offset so my original concern about 7.5" being too wide is no longer relevant. I am leaning towards 17" with a 205/50 R17 tyre. I can only find that size tyre with a 93 loading but I don't think that will be a problem because I have an NV200 Combi with no rear seats and I never carry anything like a full load anyway.
ps. yes I'm from across the pond and with a manual so I don't have the same considerations as with an auto.
Finally made a decision - Wolfrace Assassin 17"x7J rims with a 42mm offset and 205/50 R17 93 tyres. Every thing appears to fit with no rubbing on either lock in both forward and reverse. Off the GPS I'm doing 29mph when the speedo is reading 30mph so alls good there. Tyre noise is defo much quieter but then the new Goodyears are 69db rated anyway. I don't know what the noise rating for the replaced tyres is so it's impossible to say how much, if any, of the reduction in road noise is due to the change in tyre size. I can't say that there is a drastic improvement in handling and ride but the ride is certainly smoother and the steering feels more positive somehow. The whole thing just feels more 'sure footed'. I've posted this update and photos in case the info may be of help to someone else who is looking to change their wheels. I certainly appreciated the bits of information I found on the forum and internet.


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That looks great! Where did you source the side bars from?
Looks mint - side bars look the dogs too
Sorry for the delay - Thanks for the 'likes' - I'm more than happy with how it looks now - The sidebars came from a company in Poland - Very helpful people and hassle free shipping - www.solaristuning.com
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