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I wondered if there are any mechanics or diy mechanics on this forum that are familiar with this vehicle and could maybe give me some advice.

A bit of background info..
My dad came back in his van and it was making an internal tapping / knocking sound. The engine started fine and seemed to run fine other than a bad tapping noise. sounded a bit like worn hydraulic lifters do. I initially removed the cam cover and sump to investigate, Found they were bucket lifters and the valve clearances and big end shells were all fine.
Then I decided rather than investigate further it would likely work out quicker to change the engine for a second hand one so I lifted the engine and gearbox out. It was at this point that I discovered that it had a k9kc400 engine and the cheapest one around was over £950.
So, I removed the timing cover and found the timing belt was damaged on one edge and the belt had slipped a couple of teeth. I replaced the Belt and water pump and set the timing correctly using proper pins, then I compression tested the engine and got in the realms of 300psi on all 4 cylinders. So I assumed no valve damage and refitted the engine.

When everything was back as it should be I turned the ignition on and checked for fault codes before I attempted to start it, No Fault codes...
The engine cranks but does not start or fire. Still no fault codes.
The engine will start on easy start but will not continue to run on its own fuel.
Live data reads 300 bar fuel pressure it does fluctuate a bit though (which I assume is the pressure relief valve )
RPM when cranking reads 200 - 220 rpm
I have also tried replacing the crank sensor.
Crank/Cam sync changed from "not done" to "Done" on live data when you crank the engine.

I have replaced number 1 injector because I damaged it when testing. so number 1 injector is not currently coded to the ecu, but I have read that the engine should still run and that coding it only fine tunes it. ( Then theres the fact that the engine still didnt start prior to me damaging the injector )

I have removed number 1 injector and turned the injector pipe round and reconnected the injector and it does spray diesel out when cranking, so the ecu seems to be sending the signal to the injectors for them to open.

So to summarize, Its got compression, fuel pressure, starts on easy start, Injectors are opening, It has no fault codes. It started fine prior to me removing the engine.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could be missing??

Thanks in advance,

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