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2012 NV200 went into limp mode

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Was overtaking on the motorway today when it all of a sudden went into limp mode and a rattling coming from engine. Got home and will get it in for diagnostics in the morning. Are there any known issues I should be wary of? 70,000 miles and just serviced 3 days ago.
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Very similar happened to me, though no rattling, it turned out to be a hose that had come loose leading to a loss of pressure in the air intake just pushed it back on and tightened the hose clip no problem since, hope it's a similar minor issue for you!
Oh that would be a bonus, fingers crossed
It's the intercooler flexible hose that's burst. About 12" of rubber hose. £152 ??. Still could have been worse. At least it's not the turbo or injectors.
You guys have terrible communication skills and forum etiquette!

No signatures to detail what type of NV200 you have and you don't even mention any details in your posts.

Since you mention that you had a intercooler boot/hose that failed, that means you have a turbocharged engine which means you have a European diesel in your NV200.

If you really do have a turbo diesel engine in your NV200's, you should really consider installing a boost gauge.
A boost gauge is like a turbocharger diagnostic gauge.
You can monitor the boost level to tell you how the turbo is performing and if you have any boost leaks.

An EGT gauge for a turbo diesel would also be well worth it.
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The fact that the OP was driving on a motorway rather than a highway gave a big clue as to the type of engine he had. As the NV200 has a sophisticated ECU (and more than enough sensors) I can't see the value in adding additional gauges, you can get a readout from the OBD II interface if you're that interested.
Boost gauge?? That's a bit 1990's boy racer is it not? Next you'll be asking why I don't have furry dice
A boost gauge would have told you both instantly what had happened when the failures occurred.

Modern turbo-charged gas and turbo-charged diesel engines are way more complex than a simple naturally aspirated gas or diesel engine.
That's why I recommended adding gauges.

Diesel engines are throttle fuel controlled rather throttle air controlled.
A diesel engine will continue to make power as fuel is added until it melts down. This is why an EGT gauge is important on a diesel engine.

The light truck diesel market in North America is huge and is the largest and fastest growing aftermarket performance sector.
A little research on turbo-diesel engines will help you understand the turbo-diesel engine in your NV200.
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I’m having the same problem driving along at about 2000 revs and lose power then it comes back the goes again mainly going up hill just had a cam belt and full service and machanic said fault was blocked exhaust (cat) so I have bought some cataclean and just driven a hard 60 ish miles it seams a little better but it’s still there any ideas ?
I,m having a similar problem at the moment with my 2014 acenta DCI 110 on 15000 miles. Going up hill both red and orange engine warning lights came on and I went into limp mode. Managed to get back to garage and after hooking up to computer it seems fuel injector number 1 was out of tune so they retuned it and all was well for two weeks until yesterday the same thing happened again. Just wondered if anyone else has had injector problems and managed to resolve them.
Good day i have a 2012 NV200 petrol right hand drive automatic tranny just bought it over a year now.The thing is while driving the other day overtaking i punched the accel.pedal no launch respond just as if i was slowly pulling in my drive way floored the pedal as if its in cruise control, but ive noticed its mainly or always after ive driven a good 60km then switch off ready to leave then it seem limp mode yet if its left overnight in the morning its ok again until long drive wondering if its a heating sensor problem
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