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2015 nv 200

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how do you remove the radio?? is the radio only 2 channel or just not hooked up foe 4 channel///
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Pull the plastic cover off from the front of the unit .. start up by the right side of the dash , get a small flat screw driver between the dash and the cover and pry gently only clips hold the that whole facia on Good Luck
I came here looking for this info. Thanks for providing it!
Ummm,, I guess I'm going to need more than good luck.
GLJoneson, your advice on the radio removal seems complete and to the point, but I tried prying as you suggest and,, well, I am afraid of breaking something.
Is there anything else you can think of?

Here,s a pic

2015 NV200 SV CVT 2.0 L.


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You won't start at the bottom of the dash panel it will pop.. then the rest will follow, and the radio is a 2 channel .. but it does have the option to make it a four but you will have to wire it your self.. I did and put a set of 5 or 6 inch alpine speakers in the back and the system does sound good
OK, Thanks again!
Just remember to follow all the steps. By the way, for step 1, I actually pulled from the bottom of the gear stick. And believe me, you need some faith when you yank it out. Need some force. My heart almost popped. But all was well! :)


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