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Hi there

Recently bought the above which has a third party auto-lock system that I'm trying to undo.
Basically as soon as you stop and turn off ignition you have about 10 seconds before you can get to the rear or side doors to open them before they lock again. You then have to return and press the button on the dash or use the keyfob.
It seems that this was not factory fitted and is extremely annoying!!
I can find no obvious box or wires under the hood or in or under the dashboard. Which is leading me to think I will have to take the internal door panels off!?
I don't need the auto-lock at all so if there is a way of disengaging it altogether but still being able to use the central locking, that would be the ideal outcome.
Can anyone help me to disengage the auto-lock?

Be very grateful of any advice.

Thanks in advance

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