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2018 nv200

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Anyone know when the 2018 models will be out? Or maybe for comparison what month the the 2017 models come out.

I am in no rush to get a new van and really the like the NV200. I am not 100% on this but i read that in 2018 all new model cars must be equipped with a review camera.

One thing that sucks about the NV is that you have to buy a SV with Tech Package to get a review camera. Hence i am hoping the S model in 2018 will have a camera. I don't really anything else in the tech pack.

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Yeah I heard the same thing. For Canada at least. My work bought a bunch of 17 sv's and I just installed the rostra back up camera's. They work ok and are cheaper than the tech package but there are cheaper ones that may be just as good. We just picked up an sv with the tech package the camera doesn't give a great picture and doesn't show very far behind you compared to fullsize pick up truck backup cameras. The tech package camera is mounted near the door handle on the rh rear door. I'll try to post pics comparing the rostra and the tech package cameras one day.
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