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The Isuzu MU-X has often been described as a robust wagon capable of off-road excursions with up to seven people on board. It is only available in rear-wheel or front-wheel drive iterations. The MU-X is quite popular for work purposes, considering the chassis deals well with weight on the tow ball. It also has excellent fuel efficiency under towing conditions.
As a work wagon, the 2020 MU-X seems like it can handle anything. It has a large, bullish front end and a squarish back end. The vehicle appears to be very functional, so aesthetics are not the first thought when looking at it.
To its credit, it is well proportioned as it follows the styling of the D-Max. It also seems a bit smaller than it is in reality. That should not fool anyone into thinking it is not a true-blue four-wheel drive. The side steps, alloy wheels, electronic fold in mirrors, and fog lights are part of the complements that are available with the stylish exterior.
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