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Hi Everyone, I seen a post on here a while of someone asking how to change their 200 from a 5 speed box to a 6 speed but they didn't get any responses. Anyway I decided to give it a go and change my own NV-200 to a 6 speed so here's a little guide on what I did and what you'll need.

Firstly here is a list of parts you'll need, be aware, the parts list did get a little costly so I bought all the bits I needed over the space of a few months.

6 speed gearbox (obviously) make sure your new box has the mount on it, you will need this.
Clutch kit plus bolts
Flywheel plus bolts (the bolts on the 5 speed clutch and flywheel will not fit so you will need these)

Slave cylinder
Slave cylinder pipe
Rear engine mount
Gear lever
Gear selector cables

All the parts will have to come from either a dealer or used from another 6 speed 200, except the flywheel, I found the Nissan Juke and Pulsar use the same flywheel so this made finding a new (used) one so much easier. I bought the clutch, slave cylinder, slave cylinder pipe and engine mount new but the rest were used parts. If you get dealer parts you'll need the reg from a 6 speed, I just got a reg from a vehicle auto trader.

I've done all the work on mine this morning and it was pretty straight forward, everything was a straight swap with very little fettling needed.

I've driven it round for one day but already I think it's so much better than the 5 speed. The dual mass flywheel really smooths it out and its so much quieter without the engine like crazy in every gear.

I hope people find this useful.
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