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I have a nissan altima with a whole bunch of miles (180k) and its been my baby for 2 years. Had no problems besides every once in a while it stalled, awkwardly and randomly. it would stall when I was low on gas
when I was driving under approx. 30 mph
going too slow (like red lights or turning)
on the highway
honestly it was so random.
I was driving a lot at the time and eventually one day last month VCDS 15.7 stopped starting. It would turn over but have no spark so we checked the spark plugs and my first spark plug wire melted off completely... I just replaced the wire today and that is all fixed. But a mechanic came and found out that my fuel pump was broken and this is why it has been stalling and made my engine so hot it melted the wire.

I read around that you could access the fuel pump from under the back seat in a 97 altima but i removed my back seat and cant seem to find any screws.. could someone explain anything to me? preferably someone who kinda knows what they are talking about.

I am an 18 year old girl who has very limited knowledge on cars but has a very smart dad and a cheap mechanic to help along the way...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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