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99% complete - stealthy fully kitted van ;)

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Well, in 3 months van has gone from new and empty to almost complete - just needing finishing touches, shelves, under bed cupboard and the odd piece of trim. Full DIY conversion so far from perfect (strategic pic)
See www.doyourdream.co.uk for full details

But, briefly, its the high spec tekna model witth the following:- Fully lined/insulated; 2 ring gas hob, 3.9kg propane (calor) with pressure gauge; sink, pump, 40L fresh (30+10), 20L waste with electric dump valve, tank level sensors, insulated underslung tanks and hidden internal filing, 2kw diesel heater, custom control panel and electrics, 2x 100AH dedicated leisure batteries, 120w solar, ctek d250s intelligent battery-2-battery and MPPT solar charger/controller; 240v hookup with RDC, dual pole MCB, 240v socket and 10A 240v charger; 2 extra belted seats, gas assist reclining custom rock n roll bed, skylight and opening side windows, 39L compressor fridge with freezbox, wardrobe and storage, internal toilet (accessible with bed up or down), Bluetooth audio, 4G internet 4x USB & 2x12v sockets, LED lights, rotating drivers seat, little coffee table, and (to make) table and mini extra worktop, loads of storage (under bed clear, big wardrobe) etc etc.
Has been 3 months tough work!

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Seriously seriously impressed!
Seems only yesterday that we got our Teknas from same place, same week.
When I see your photos its hard to imagine that all that is inside the back of an NV200.

Great work Ryan!

Look forward to seeing the blogs of your first trip :)
Excellent job, looks like a lot of work and money has gone into it, i'm sure you'll get the value out of it, any idea of the total cost? (if you want to say of course), the bed looks a bit short, 5ft or so? Certainly looks like a top spec job, well done.
You did an absolutely beautiful job. I'm especially impressed with the way you covered the walls. Great work!
bed size

I would be interested in the bed size ( length x breadth) of the finished NV200 conversion. Great job nevertheless !
Thanks all :)
DVLA paperwork sent off so fingers crossed...
Not totally finished, doing smaller jobs now, and today I made a cupboard for the loo roll :)

Cost, bear in mind it was a cost no object conversion, and I spent money to make life easy, and the spec is up there with most motorhomes in terms of tech n toys. Also, we are very experienced campervanners, go for months at a time, wild camp lots etc - so what we need isn't necessary "normal". Cost (including some needed tools) is around £7-8k on top of base van. 3mths pretty much full time slog.
Bed sleeping area is exactly 1m wide, but frame is 95cm wide, but if you look at pics the bedding expands left/right and has mm to spare! Length is just enough to allow access to loo with bed down (if passenger seat slightly forward).
Well Over 5' though! Its well over 6' (180cm) diagnonally which is important :)
Bed is cozy, and you need to be a slimish lovely dovey couple lol. We've stayed in a smaller tent for months (cycle touring) so know its okay for us
With everything, its all a compromise...
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