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A big favor to ask

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Hi All,

I recently purchased a new OEM rear view mirror from Nissan to install on my NV200 (which did not originally have a rear view mirror). I can see that there is a recess in the headboard where the mirror is mounted, but I'm a little afraid to just start drilling into the headboard without knowing exactly where the screw holes are. I was wondering if some kind soul would be willing to take a picture of the spot where their rear view mirror is mounted to the headboard. Or even better, if they could temporarily unscrew the mirror, and take a picture of the screw holes. Thank you so much!


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Mirror Holes

This is from a 2015 NV200 SV purchased with the mirror in place.

It looks like the image that was uploaded might have rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are a saint!
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