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A few quick noob questions

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A few questions that I can't [easily] find answers to on here....

1. anyone recommend a decent ply lining kit supplier?

2. Do I have tyre pressure sensors on my 2016 acenta ? I know I can let a tyre down and find out....but this is easier [only have a manual foot pump]

3. Best roofrack? I'm erring towards this £150 Aiko http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FS210-Nis...987708?hash=item2a532b85fc:g:mDAAAOSwLnlWnMNG Anything better for the price?

Thanks for all the info on here, I've read lots.
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1. I'm still looking. I'm pretty sure all ply lining kits are similar but knowing someone has had a successful fit using a specific supplier is always helpful. I will post comments on what I use.

I'm not building a camper, and I have a full bulkhead, but is it worth a bit of sound deadening on the exposed top door panels?

2. Still no idea, lots of alloys on ebay but I dont want to get caught out...

3. I think the roof rack looks good for the price. I have a heavy steel rack on the hijet but it won't look any where near as good as this, and the £400 are not twice as good!

'OEM' Rubber mats have arrived, Exhaust trim on the way. eBay item number:121255540243, so I have to get the ply lining kit, some vinyl flooring ebay item number: 281887231145 in beige [van is black so needs something to reflect the light]

Talking of light, any recommendations of lighting options?


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vanliners, £135, was OK. Though I used little of it in the end, but seemed he right size and as expected.
don't think there are tyre sensors - none I've seen
Roof rack - no idea
alloys - should've bought a tekna :) No idea on non standard as I was looking for another set for winter tyres, and could not find any. Combi maybe? But env200 is 5 nut. If you find reasonable ones do share!
Rest no idea on a van, but with the camper conversion its really not that noisy.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. It have a look at van liners, it's good to have a recommendation.

I don't *need* alloys, but if a set come up.... I have seen some 15" alloys with winter tyres on ebay £480 ish, watch the tyres, some are rebounds.

I need to get the inside lined so that I can start using it for work, and sell the Hijet... I'm just a bit paranoid about scratching it at the moment.
MyTyres do new wheel and tyre sets for the NV200, from £300 to £480 for a set, but that's steel wheels. They do alloys for the eNV200 but they are 5 nut.
may cost extra but Rhino looks the part and works i got one from a breakers for £140
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