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Hi all,

Going to pick up 2014 NV200 combi this Saturday.
Left a deposit, pending on viewing it.
It's white and has done 29k miles. 1 owner with full service history.
7 seater with opening hatches on sliding door windows and tailgate.
110ps model with 6 speed box.

Buying this for long surf weekends. Sometimes with tents, sometimes sleeping in the back.
Also commuting to work so totaling around 15-20k miles per year.

I have few questions which i hope someone can answer before then.
Any issues i should be checking for? (i have an obd reader so will check for any error codes.)
Do the 14" alloys have tpms? I can see these are very expensive to replace and i want to get some 16" wheels for it (Mitsubushi Colt ones as suggested in another thread)
Has anyone replaced front seats in NV200? I'm looking at some plusher Juke or Quashqai seats. What can be fitted with minimum alteration.

Thanks in advance.
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