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Find out why the lights are on. Probably an abs issue(bad sensor, wheel bearing) is the most common reason. Usually if you have an abs or brake issue all of those lights will turn on. It could be as simple as having a burnt out brake light bulb(or two), or if you recently installed led bulbs in place of regular ones.
I'd check your brake lights, if they're fine and you didn't mess with them lately then get it scanned. Any shop should be able to do that for you, some cheapo code readers may not be able to read abs codes. Once you have the code(s) either post them here or google them and hope for the best.

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Thank you. Diagnostic booked tomorrow.

On reading the manual it appears ok to drive.

" will flash when vehicle can be driven as a normal vehicle without VDC functionality."

And to make things more interesting, the warning lights disappeared today as mysteriously as they arrived 🤔
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