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Air con and cruise control

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Hi guys new to here as I've just purchase a new 2016 NV200 for our business. I needed a van quick for a large delivery on the Wednesday. When to Nissan on the Sunday before and they only had one in so bought it there and then. Ideally I would have liked the Tekna but it looks like all the extras ie cruise and connect can be retro fitted which brings me to my question? Looking at the dash the cruise icon is there so can this be done? Also can factory air con be added? If so has anyone done this? also is the connect just a straight swap from the original stereo? Thank you.
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I'd expect not :( Tekna is quie a lot more.
AC would be mega bucks, massive changes in engine bay.
Stereo - maybe, but tekna has steering wheel controls. As it does for cruise. So you'd need wheel, new looms, probably ECU swap.
Easier/simpler to sell van and get a tekna :)
I have a Tekna too, and imagine it would cost more to have a non-Tekna brought up to Tekna spec.
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