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I'm assuming you're in the UK as the Union jack shows under your name?
Some Almera models will fit, note 'SOME' it depends on year and model. If you don't already know, the UK 4-stud rims have a PCD of 114.3 and a Centre Bore Hole size of 66.1mm. I believe the electric models are 5 x 114.3/CBH 66.1mm.
You may get a better idea with these links;
https://www.wheel-size.com/pcd/4x114.3/ (be careful of CBH sizes)
4x114.3 - Bolt pattern, what cars have 4x114.3 wheels? 204 found ( -"- -"- )

Whichever way you go, if you do change wheel rims etc., inform your insurers (check first) :)
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