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Would anyone have a Nissan NV200 near Hereford?
I need to have a custom camper van Rock & Roll bed built by Rusty Lee (www.vwrustylee.com) in Hereford and he needs to take measurements on my van. But I live far away in East Anglia. Would anyone be able to take his Nissan van to him so that I don't have to travel all the way to Herefordshire just for the measurements? Rusty Lee is the sole camper van R&R bed maker who would agree to fit the bed without drilling holes through the floor of the van. He would use the anchor points in the cargo area instead.
My van is actually an e-NV200. This is the electric version of the NV200 but its body is identical to that of the internal combustion van. I can pay a fee for helping me.
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