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I'm starting up a new business and I'm looking at the new NV200. I have a few Ford Transits used in the area but I've heard bad things about them. Is there any known problems with these vans yet? My dealer is offering a life time unlimited time/unlimited miles warranty on the drive train.
My experience so far is this. BCM had to be replaced x2 with less than 10,000mi on it. Just experienced while driving "I press the blue tooth on my phone to go hands free to make a call and the navigator screen flashed on and off and again then the entire system seemed to have to reboot". After rebooting the buttons that surround this screen all are flashing in red mind you. I had to pull to the side of the highway turning the vehicle off. After a restart everything was fine. Having it looked at next Monday the 27th. Seems to me to be a hardware or software issue.

After driving to work during a snow storm the rear of the truck was completely covered with a one inch thick coating of snow over the rear doors and lights. Nissan is trading off our safety to save a few miles per gallon on the lack of wheel wells!! All that snow, dirt and grime keeps the rear doors dirty all the time. Expect the rear doors to be short lived even if you wax the rear like I have, don't expect anything different.
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