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NV200 Evalia, 2013 model
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Hello :)

Car info : 2013 model NV200 Evalia.

Issue: When driving on gravel/dirt road i hear (and feel in the steering wheel) a "rattle/clunking" noise. It is not present when driving on asphalt, or going over speedbumps.

I also get a small clunking/vibration when going over 80km/h, and it get´s worse when going above 100km/h.

What i have changed :
New set of wheels (rubber)
new stabilizer bar drop links (front and back)
Track controll arm balljoint (front)

I have tried to pinpoint what part that makes this noise, but came up short.

Could this be the wheel bearing?
I have no play in the bearing, and no "humming" noise when i turn the wheel on either side of the car (when car i up on jacks)

best regards

Hans, from Norway
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