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Best affordable roof rack for NV200 / City Express ?

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I am shopping for bolt-on roof rack for my City Express (same roof as NV200). I am entering the van into our town festival parade. I am going to put a sign on the roof and need a roof rack to do that. Anyhow, I have found many name-brand, high-end rack solutions upwards of $350 with very fancy hardware designed to carry kayaks & bicycles and whatnot with low drag and no wind noise. The thing is, I'll be using this just once (1x) a year and I imagine there are solutions that handyman people use for ladders....that are not "over-designed" and are without all the "bells and whistles" that sell well under the $350 mark. After all, the van already has those weld nut receptacles built into the roof - which should simplify rack install. So, has anyone on here put a rack on their NV200 City Express work truck? Where did you find the rack?
Could you post pictures and a link?
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Search for J1000 and you'll find the one I got for $150. Amazon didn't have the Nissan/Chevy version for sale so I bought the Ford one. It's the exact same rack, the only difference is the bolts that attach to the van roof. I had some of the correct Metric bolts sitting around but you can get them at a hardware store for a few bucks.

I use carriage bolts to hold things to the rack or you can use attachments for Yakima racks with the T-slots.
Interesting! I recently found this one. Have not purchased yet but it looks like it is NV200 specific:

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