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Mods, I thought I'd seen a dedicated wheel & tyre thread so feel free to move this if it's more useful.

Hi Folks,

Just made the best value mod on my NV200 work van promoting a "Nissan - why'd yer do that!" moment.

Should mention, I don't carry a lot of weight in the van; steps, cable, power tools et-cetra. It bangs and crashes over London speed humps, some of which are high enough to give you a nose bleed. Found a cheap set of 16 inch rims on fleabay and fortunately they were fitted with winter tyres. What a difference - no idea why Nissan fit the little 15 inch wheels but this has made a really useful difference to the ride.

Mine came off an old Nissan Almera but the four bolt stud pattern is common and I can't detect any rubbing.

Nissan NV200. Bolt pattern (PCD): 4 × 114.3. Center Bore (CB): 66.1. Thread size (THD): 12 × 1.25.

The speedo over reads by 2mph at 30 and 3.5mph at 60 - I can live with that. I expected to need new stud nuts but the local tyre fitter checked and reported them fine. I'll check in a few miles.
Hope that helps someone.


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