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Bluetooth Module

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Just fitter a new dab radio and now need to find the OEM Bluetooth Module so I can replace it to get the steering wheel buttons to work, but not sure where it is ?

Can anyone please help me out ?

many thanks
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I had the same problem after changing the radio to a DAB radio. I have been informed by Nissan Norway that the Bluetooth module is built in the original radio ( Daewoo AGC OU71RF ).
I have installed a Connects2 CTSNS010.2 steering wheel interface. The steering wheel buttons work but are mixed up. I am going to try a different interface the next time I am in England.

Hope this helps you.


Thank you for your help.

I also have been looking to fit a Connect2 CTSNS010.2 but didn't understand the instructions, so at the moment the controls on the wheel don't work, but on the plus side the DAB radio does !!

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

This is an old thread, but I'm facing the same problem.

I'm about to fit a DAB Android Auto radio into a UK 2018 NV200.

However, I have a Daewoo AM/FM radio (currently), and if the bluetooth module is fitted into that, how/where do you connect the Connects2 alternative?

The Connect2 interface is here: here .
A helpful support person at Connects2 has confirmed that their CTSNS010.2 steering wheel interface isn't tested/confirmed working with anything other than NV200s that were supplied with the OEM Clarion/Blaupunkt radio.

I'm a little bit confused by that, given that I think the Daewoo radios have been supplied as the basic radio since at least early 2017 (if not earlier?)

Anyway, as a result, I've ordered a basic wiring harness for my new receiver, just so that I can get stuff working.

However, I'd be really interested if anyone has any experience of a working steering wheel control adapter with an aftermarket radio and new-ish NV200 - I guess there must be some about?
So, I've found this steering wheel adapter as an alternative to the Connects2 one - the folk at incartec have confirmed it should be fine.

Will post back here, in case it's useful to anyone else, when it arrives and I get a chance to pop it in.
As a follow-up, after an email chat with someone at incartec I bought their 29-671 Nissan steering wheel adapter.

And...it works fine :smile: . Track selection, volume up/down, source selection and call answer all work with my new Kenwood receiver. Not entirely sure what the info button was used for with the OEM radio, but that doesn't seem to do anything with the new one.
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