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BYD working on van "inspired" by the NV200

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The next step for BYD MPV range is the M3. The M3 clearly has the overview of looking like a Nissan NV200 but perhaps BYD are only looking to clone the concept of the car, i.e. a box on wheels, rather than the actual architecture of the original vehicle. The BYD M3 reportedly measures in 4460/1720/1850mm and has a wheelbase of 2725mm. Power will come from BYD’s 1.5L naturally aspirated engine that can be found through-out BYD’s current range, but one aspect that Chinese media are reporting on is the potential for BYD to make a hybrid model using the new BYD Qin technology, or by making it pure electric using the E-series of power from the current BYD E6.

Now the question remains, will Chinese consumers actually buy a BYD MPV this time, or will they shy away? The Nissan NV200 actually has an undisputed market segment with its size and power, however it doesn’t sell particularly well as its size is possibly too big for family use and too small or lacking enough ‘face’ for business executive use. The market, as always, will give BYD the answer it does or doesn’t require.
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