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Camper or Interior Finish

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I live in Montreal and believe it or not, can't find a shop that still caters to camper conversions. I do not really want to turn my NV200 into a camper, but I was hoping to have it lined with insulation or the such. Any tips, ideas or suggestions?

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I'm in UK so cant help with conversion company in Canada, but I can show you my recently done windows and carpet lining and flooring.

I too didnt want to go full conversion .. yet.
For now my NV200 is a car replacement, used for carrying bikes / camping gear / shopping / drums. Occasionally I put my camp bed on the floor and sleep inside.

Its quieter, and looks much more cool , so my kid say :)
I'm really pleased with it.


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That's really neatly done - think everyone else works a lot neater than me (I'm good at hiding **** ups with the camera!)
Did you ever get your satnav update?
Its definitely lost that builders van look now :)
Lining and floor done by same guy that did the windows.
Really pleased with his work.

Yep, new satnav SD Card arrived a couple weeks after you got yours.
Thanks again for pursuing that issue.
Keep his name as I may borrow him if I do another :)
Il y a une compagnie au Nouveau Brunswick qui produit des panneaux de plastique intérieur pour le NV200 , mais il sont très cher .
The B pillar is wider on the mexican built ( north american market ) Nv200 ( and N.Y. taxis ) . So the wheelbase is slightly longer .
Malley Industries Inc. have a manufacturing facility in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, focusing on building truck caps, campers and doing van conversions for the recreational market. Voici le liens : http://www.malleyindustries.com/van-interior-packages/
In case you are still looking. It's not in Canada but at least it's north america... http://www.reconcampers.com/
RenCon campers will not outfit a van purchased in Canada. They say they might be able to do so in about 18 months when certification is obtained from Transport Canada.
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