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Hi guys,
I have replaced the cargo bay interior light on my 2012 NV200 but Im having some problems! Typical novice question but here goes.

The rar interior light fitting has three wires - two which seem to be live when doors are open. I have removed the standard light fitting to install 12v led strip lights. My problem, is that when you open the doors or unlock the van the lights come on - great. But when you close the doors they don't go off!! After many daft head scratching hours I still can work out what I've done wrong.

The light do eventually go out due to the auto cut off timer but it's not ideal.
Any help with this really simple wiring question would really help.

Thanks top anybody who can tell me how to wire this correctly.

Dazza (novice NV200 owner).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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