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Check Engine Light HELP!

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Hi All,

My faithful Nv200 is playing up at the moment and curious to know if anyone has had the same happen and could possibly help shed some light on this one.

The other day driving down the motorway the check engine light flashed up as well as the traction control light and also at the same time the icon that indicates change up/down gear was just flashing continuously (please see attached image) however the traction control light eventually went out and just left the check engine light on. I took the van to the garage and had a diagnostic done and mechanic had my van for 3 days while he gave it a once over and test drove multiple times but couldn’t find what could have caused it so he cleared the check engine light however on the way home it’s just flashed up again but the traction control light and the check engine light have both stayed on and while driving I can feel the van struggling for traction could this possibly be some sort of wheel sensor malfunction?

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Did you get anywhere with this? I came here looking for a solution to the same thing.
Something similar just happened to my van and has now been at garage for 2 weeks.
The accelerator developed a mind of it's own, high revving when I'm trying to slow down.
Traction control and engine light on.
It's just gone to an auto electrical specialist and they're a bit puzzled!
Fingers crossed it’s all sorted now, it was in the garage for 2 weeks and the mechanic traced it back to the Pressure Sensor (somewhere on the exhaust) I was shocked as thought it would be a wheel sensor but I’m 140 miles in from leaving the garage and all is well no check engine light! When he plugged his diagnostics machine in it came up with like six different fault codes and one was to do with the accelerator pedal response failure it’s definitely a tricky one
Seems to be a fair few issues with the sensors. Pleased you got it sorted. Good luck!
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