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I have just bought a 2011 NV200 combi wheelchair accessible model , I believe it is a factory conversion , I plan to convert into a multi use vehicle for carrying passengers , work and as a comfy camper with a stealthy stove.
I bought it from a nice chap whose business had unfortunately been affected by covid -19 , the vehicle was used to carry disabled kids to and from school and as such I am told it was very well maintained since he bought it at auction in 2016.
On the journey back from Oxfordshire to Devon I was more than happy with my purchase, the van took the A303 in driving rain in it's stride. Comfortable and composed handling, a little bouncy on the back end but there was only my bike back there. Not powerful by any means but quick off the mark and with enough grunt high up to overtake lorries on the hillier sections with surprising ease!
I am well chuffed and can't wait to get on with the camper conversion.
The van has a lowered rear floor and manual wheelchair ramp at present with the central section of bumper removed. Ideally I want to be able to take the 3 rear seats in and out as needed, swivel the fronts, have a modular bed and kitchen for camping and a flat floor empty van for gardening work and carrying PA kit..
that all seems a bit ambitious right now!
Hi to all you envy200 enthusiasts and thanks for all the great tips on here it's really inspiring :)
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