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Condensation & Powered fan

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We were on a road trip in our new NV to the Pacific Northwest (USA). As I suspected, it rained a lot and at night, we had a lot of condensation on the inside walls. I do plan to insulate/cover some of the walls.

I am looking for a powered fan recommendation. I like the Fantastic line of fans but they require a 14" square opening and I was hoping not to cut through the cross beams. Any suggestions?

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if you use a electric fan with starter batterie you may not able to start the car after several hours.
The problem of water condensation is not a problem of moving air inside the car. You have to transport air from outside through the car to outside. This air has to be heated in the car, then air can take water and transport water to outside.
If you try to heat, you may get the same battery problem, even faster.
Heating with gas produces water inside, and is dangerous to life.
Heating with electricity is imaginable with power from outside. From a power generater or from camping area.
Practically you heat with the sun.
Your wet interior gets dry in the middle of the day - or while driving with heating. And it gets moist in the next night. Do parking with open windows, open only some centimeters but for some hours.
You achive less water at night
with air flow through the car during night. For this you may open some windows or doors during night, minimum two for air flow. Your body genetates the water inside, with breath and transpiration. Simple is, to open both front door windows some centimeters. With little cost you can open the rear tailgate. There are some units to buy, for opening some centimeters when your dog needs air and less temperature. You may produce something by yourself. Some nv200 have slide windows in the slide doors. Or quarter windows, in India.
Next problem with open windows is incoming water during rain. Therefore you need wind deflectors at the front door windows. Not at he opened tailgate door. For a slide window you may build yourself something like this http
Next challange is to have openings and no mosquitos inside.
The same problem you will get with your first idea of using a fan to outside.
You see, only a fan is no solution. You need more and other elements. Even then your car is moisty / humid in the morning. Look at the grass beside the car.
Regards Helmut
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We are using a small but higher CFM boat bilge exhaust fan in the rear quarter through the floor to keep from killing the clean lines, allow use in any weather and try to keep the noise as far from the main living space as possible. If you have questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Thank you.
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