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I had to replace the temp control cable on one of ours. You probably already found out that the dealer only wants to sell the entire heater control with the cables....And you won't find a part number for just the cable because there isn't one.
You could try an auto wrecker, most full serve yards won't bother pulling a $5 part though.
There are lots on car-part.com . Wouldn't hurt to give one a try, worst case you buy the entire assembly for a fraction of what they cost new. Look up nv200 then heater/ac control.

I wonder if a guy(or one of the other 15 genders) could just use a universal choke cable or something similarly universal as a replacement cable?

Why they used twisted cable for a push pull application is beyond me. It's one of many very stupid things they did with these vans. Wait til the outter sliding door handles quit working then you can marvel at the engineering that holds the another poorly thought out cable to the handle.
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