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Cup holder too big!

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I find the cup holders are too big (deep). Has anyone found a solution that will allow me to fit a regular size soda without having to dig too deep into the holder?

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I had the same experience since 1st day.
Get a can or similar size like a corn soup from supermarket and double side tape a plastic cup from dollar store or your kitchen which has diameter slightly larger than a soda/coffee cup. The weight of the can will sit nice and secure in the cup holder on floor level and you will have 4 to 5 inches higher than before.
It is big, I find the protein shake bottles fit really well :)
I find it better, most cup holders are to small! the astro van won't even hold a small cup without it coming out every time you make a turn.
I have not bought an NV yet but i'm wondering if the Cup Holders are to hold 2lt bottles as a lot of
vans in the UK have big bottle holders.
once again international posts are difficult to equate as the poster is unwilling to put US or UK (ec)t in there profile sorry to moan but makes reading and understanding much easer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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