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I recently purchased and installed a Curt Class3 tow hitch for my van. I don't intend on towing anything on a regular basis with the van. I got the hitch to mainly be able to move my trailers around on the property as needed. These vans aren't designed to tow and of course the manuals say not to tow at all. Personally, if push came to shove, I wouldn't dream of towing much over 700-800 lbs.

I'm curious, is there anybody out there who has been towing a trailer on a regular basis with their van??

So the install took me 3 hrs. I had to remove a roof rack so I could get it in my shop at work. You have to remove the spare tire, and drop the rear exhaust (1 mount). There are 6 mounting bolts and keeper plates and these have to go through the frame tube. They give you wires with coiled ends that thread onto the bolts. You first have to push the wire(s) up through the bolt hole, snake it through the frame tube until it comes out the end, slip the keeper on, thread the bolt to the wire coil, and then pull the assembly through the frame tube until the bolt comes through the frame hole. It's a tedious job. I had to enlarge an auxillary hole in the frame for one of the bolts as my multiple tries had failed up to this point.

After all the bolt and keepers are in place and with the wires still attached to the bolts so you don't lose them in the frame, you raise up the hitch, run the wires through the mounting holes of the hitch and start bolting it up. If you are working solo, you will need some blocking underneath the hitch at the correct elevation.

This hitch fits like a glove, perfect. Everything you need (except your sockets/ratchet) is included. I paid $125 for this Curt hitch and don't have any reservations about recommending this product to anyone.


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