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D p f question

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hi, new to forum so I to all, I own a Mitsubishi ASX biggest problems are the DPF, was thinking of buying a Nissan nv200 van as I will only be doing short journeys my biggest concern is the DPF fitted to nv200 my question is does anybody travel short journeys ?? has anybody had any problems with there DPF thanks
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There are very few diesel NV200 discussions on this forum and very few diesel NV200 members.

You will have to research European and Asian NV200 forum's for more information.

Today's diesel engines are in transition as manufacturers try to reduce emissions while maintaining fuel economy.

There are a ton of diesel light trucks in North America and the major issues are the emission controls.
Very similar issues are present in the the latest VW TDI debacle in the news.

The DPF's are not the issue. It's the entire emissions system: DPF, EGR and coming to nearly all diesel's SCR and Urea injection.
These are complex systems and it is not sure this is where the diesel emissions system will end up.

The OTR (big rig) diesels in North America are also in transition.
The off-road equipment is still emission's unregulated, but that will likely change also.
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Diesel particular filter...
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