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Definitive guide to replacement alloys

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum - Intro thread here

I'd like to replace the steel wheels on my NV200 with some alloys - I have very little knowledge of the technical specs of wheels and it would be great to have a resource as to which alloy wheels from other cars can be fitted straight onto the NV200 with no issues and minimal impact on the accuracy of the speedo etc.

I know there are plenty of websites selling new aftermarket wheels which will advise on if their products fit the van, but ideally i'd like to keep to a pretty tight budget and would prefer to have the option to buy used wheels from other vehicles which opens up a huge range of options too.

I'm looking for a set of 15" or 16" ideally, and any advice on which wheels will fit would be very much appreciated - Would be great if this thread could provide a definitive list of which other cars you can take the alloys from and put them onto your NV.

Cheers in advance,
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Cant help - the tekna came with them :) Be aware lots of posters may be US based, and wheels are different there.
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