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I'm looking for info (and general internet search has not helped much yet) on the different types of NV200 in comparison to one another in relation to seating etc.

There is the pure MPV 7 seater, and is it possible to totally remove the rear most two seats? I have seen pics of them folded up on the side of the walls, but was wondering if they were also able to be fully removed? Also in the MPV version do the middle row of seats (the three seats set) all come with Isofix (on the outer two seats) as standard across the range, and can all these seat fold forward to be flat against the floor, or do they only fold up and against the front seats?

Then on the 'crew' 5 seat versions of the NV200, do these second row seats work like in the MPV version, with folding forward seats, or are they different and can't be removed?

Lastly on any of the more commercial van types, are the seats as adjustable as with the MPV versions?

I should probably go look at some in person, but the pandemic is not helping in that task currently.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this as the main websites for Nissan don't give info on this van now, other than the e-NV200 and i suspect that will hav a very different spec and layout to the older diesel vans/mpv versions.
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