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Different Roof Antenna?

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Hi folks. I'm moving into a different house and the garage door is a bit low. The roof antenna will hit the door. Is there anyway to change either the angle of the antenna or install a different antenna?
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The antenna will almost go flat against the roof
The antenna will almost go flat against the roof
Thanks for the input. I guess I'm more concerned about backing out of the garage. If the antenna catches the edge of the door there's no telling what it will rip out of the roof.

The local auto store has stubby antennas and I might have to go that way. I'm not sure what that will do with the radio/nav reception.
I find that having no antenna at all doesn't make a big difference. try it out
Thanks for the input. I actually did that while trying to determine whether that part of the antenna was for AM/FM or Satellite/GPS. It's for AM/FM and when I drove the van without the antenna the reception was very poor. It might be a factor on how close you are to the transmitter.

A new shorty antenna from the local parts store seems to have solved the problem.
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