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Dirt Road Dilemma

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I did a quick search on this forum, but nothing came up, so here goes:
I use my 2014 US version NV200 for a little bit of work, and a lot of play. The play part usually involves driving down smooth, but very dusty dirt and gravel roads to go camping, hiking, and mountain biking. And here's the problem: When driving on dusty roads, huge amounts of dust gets sucked into the cargo area via the vents near the rear doors. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, will simply plugging up the vents cause problems with the front ventilation system? I noticed that Masterack makes a Wall Liner (Part # 02J264KP) that appears to cover up the rear vents, so it might not be an issue.


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I drive lots of dusty gravel roads here in my home state of Oregon in my NV200 2013 that I had converted to a camper van a couple of years ago. I too have been very frustrated by the amount of dust leaking into my camping gear especially in the rear storage area under the bed. So on a trip to southeastern Oregon this past week I tried a trick I'd read about on a car forum some time ago. What I did was drive with my windows closed, the air set to recirculate and the cabin fan set to low. I even ran the air conditioner at times when I felt too warm. This is supposed to create positive pressure inside the van and keep dust from filtering in and amazingly it worked. After driving seventy plus miles over gravel roads around the Hart Mountain area I found very little dust in my gear compared to other times I've driven on gravel roads for extended periods.
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what ARE the vents near the rear door, please?

I am having a moisture build up /condensation issue in the cargo area for the first time in and those vent covers seem to be extra moist . the road noise at those two location is also really quite bad. (Seattle area) . wondering if water could be getting in or building up there. will explore in a few days when /if the sun comes back out. but what ARE those vents ? can find nothing in the manual and the salesperson thought they might just be speaker covers. :rolleyes:
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