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Do car warranties cover small things?

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I brought a new Nissan nv200 and it has a 5 year/100k bumper to bumper warranty.

Since I got it(back in June) I had the window weather strip replaced under warranty cause it was all warped, and would move about whenever I opened the window.

A rattle has developed in one of the rear doors and the cruise control "set" light does not illuminate. Cruise control works just fine, and so does the door.

Would I piss the dealership off if I had the cruise control "set" light and rattling fixed under warranty? I mean everything works, just not as it should. The van is a base S model. I don't want to bother them on such a little thing, as who knows what might happen if the engine or something breaks later on.
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They should be more than happy to fix those things under warranty and they should. They make a claim with Nissan and they are good.
If you're unsure, you can give the dealership a call over the phone. You can check your insurance company to see if they will cover it if your warranties don't, but likely if you are still within the validity of your warranty, the dealership will have to honour your claim for whatever isn't working or looking the way it should. Good luck!
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