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Hello again,

i have sold the LED and want to go back to HID.

i have two questions if someone is interested to answer.

1- Does HID bulb orientation matter like LED bulb 6 o'clock to12 o'clock on install?

Because currently installed HID bulb is pointed like 2 o'clock to 8 o'clock. bulb is correctly installed and locked according to three little notches.

2- i want to buy a pair of new HID with more brightness because currently installed one are not enough bright for me at night. i want to installed with white colors like LED.

Can someone suggest me some good pair or tell me what should i look to have white light and more brighter.

i saw a pair of Xenon fueled but some says on google that there is not much difference comparing to stock one and doesn't last more than few month.

Thanks for your help.

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