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Does NV200 have a cabin air filter?

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Hi! Does the NV200 have a cabin air filter?

We're coming up on the 10k mile service check. One of the items on the dealer's list of recommended services is "Replace cabin air filter". I know from experience that they usually charge $45 for a $10 filter, plus $45 more for a 2-minute installation.

I thought I would buy an after-market filter and install it myself, but the NV200 does not show up on any list of filter models. I can't find a definite answer, but it appears the NV200 doesn't have a cabin air filter?

Anyone else run into this?
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One if the reviews said they "discovered" the NV had no cabin airfilter at one of the scheduled service appointments.

I suspect there may be a fitting for it as I think some of the interior parts are from a Versa or somesuch but the filter is not installed. One of these Days I'll look <g>.
please look
part and number may be different for left or right steering
Great Job.. Thank you for the pic.s on the cabin filter
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