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Door Speaker Size?

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I've got the SatNav system in my van however, the door speakers do not fit the "sound" quality the radio is capable of giving out. I bought a set of 6-1/2" Pioneer speakers however I wanted to see what the factory size speakers were. I'd hate to pull the door cards off only to find the speakers are 5-1/2"
Anyone know?
Google has not been my friend in this case!

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The door speakers are the 6-1/2" size. You would need to make your own new mounting holes as the factory speaker is mounted in a large plastic housing that uses three mounting screws to the door. More than likely, the factory mounting holes will not match up to aftermarket speakers.
Hi TZ, not sure how I missed this post!

Yes, 6.5's I used this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-No...17cm-6-5-fitting-rings-adaptors-/160904730001 and fitted some JL audio mids in there, have a look at my ice upgrades thread.
Thanks Mudflap! I was able to drill new holes to fit the replacement speakers. I picked up a set of Pioneer 6-1/2" speakers however they sound like crap. The highs are not clear and the lows do not match the factory speakers. Will be shopping again today locally for something better.
Wish I had those adapter pods locally as I'd like to complete this job over the weekend.

Factory speakers are 2ohm so be sure to get those. I installed a set of JBL GTO608C 2ohm seperates.
6.5" in door with speaker adapter ring and tweeter in door upper triangle trim by side mirror angled back and up slightly. Major improvement in overall tonal quality. Low bass is still lacking for higher volume playback but works very well for a variety of music at 3/4 volume. Listening to Tool, Im happy with sound reproduction.
I made this 3D printable model for JBL GTO638 speakers. If you need them, just hire someone on 3DHubs to print them for you.

Download the model here:


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