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EGR blanking

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Has anyone blanked the EGR valve? Any problems doing so? Warranty issues? (remove for service then replace?) I bought a 60k Freelander TD4 a while back and the CRAP I had to clear out of the inlet manifold was horrible. An EGR blank, a really good clean and new turbo pipes and it runs like a dream now. If I do it now on the van it will surely keep everything clean, including the turbo?
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I had a Transit 125ps (Same engine?) - and same thing - blocked EGR and it was fine. The newer transit though was more intelligent and the electronics managed the EGR so blanking/removing wasn't an option without reprogramming.
On "new" clever engines, it needs the semi burned air so removal isn't great for it.
I have no idea what the NV200 is so will keep an eye on this thread.
But, this forum isn't exactly full of talkative experts - why not jump on other forums where the engine is used?
I had a look on the renault forums, a bit vague there but a possibility of the 'EML' coming on and the only way to stop it is a remap! Another find was a company that did an egr delete and remap on a 85bhp NV200 and it left with 105bhp! I don't really want to start remapping as I've only done 500 miles and don't want to do a warranty delete! at least a blanking plate could come off for the annual service and be put back on again afterwards.

Yes, talkative experts lacking! Maybe we are the future talkative experts!

Got a ply kit arriving tomorrow, along with some sandstorm sparkle lino, and a selection of euro containers to keep my tools off the floor!

Freelander is BMW engine. Timing chain!...like my petrol CRV...

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