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Hello ,
I own a 2012 NV200 SE DCI. It has done 48000 miles , I bought it second hand at 25000. There were electrical issues with the van as soon as I bought it that were resolved eventually .A couple of weeks ago whilst travelling on the motorway the engine warning light came on and the van went into limp mode.I was over 200 miles from home so I took the van to the nearest mechanic who told me injector no 4 needed to be replaced. The charge for the diagnostic was 3 times higher than it should have been so I took the van to another garage that had been recommended to me. The mechanic did another diagnostic and said the injector was OK but there was a fault with the wiring to the injectors , this was fixed and the van ran well for the next 500 miles. An oil filter replacement light came on so I took the van to a local garage for a full filter and oil change service. 2 days after the service an engine management light came on and the van went into limp mode again. I took the van back to the garage it was serviced and on the way there the management light went out and the van ran properly again. At the garage another diagnostic was and I was told that there was a problem with the injectors or the fuel injection pump. T he manager said this was a common problem with this model and engine. He said that small bits of swarf or metal contaminant loosened from the pump and fouls the injectors , if this is the case then the pump and all the injectors will have to be replaced ,also the fuel tank will have to be removed and flushed. Or it could be just one of the injectors , he would have to remove the fuel filter cut it open and check inside for loosened metal from the fuel pump. the cost is either £250 for the injector or £2000 for the worst case scenario.
Apologies for the long winded post but would appreciate input , are these issues common with this engine?
Cheers ,Embey.
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