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Engine mapping/tuning

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Has anyone had their engine "tweaked"? Would like a little more bottom end power and lazier motorway cruising. Am thinking about having my 83bhp upped to 105bhp and would be interested to hear of any of your experiences.
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Hi foxtrot and welcome to our growing community! this is something I am interested in myself. But wanted some guinea pigs first!

I have had my van a year so any engine faults should have shown themselves by now, I decided to go for a bluespark tuning box, which I know just adjusts fuel pressure and is shunned by some!

No obvioius smoke, I have a jump in power and gained 5-10% mpg. Up to around 50-55 mpg from mid 40's.

I know from experience with my old VW caddy 105hp the remap (to 140hp) on that was way better than any tuning box, and over on caddy2k.com they all speak highly of pendle performace maps who I know map the 1.5 dci unit.

Speak soon chap

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Contacted Pendle having read so many good reviews but they advised that they were not able to remap the NV200.
Quantum Tuning offered significant performance increases on their website so contacted Charlie their Bristol agent since I was going to be there on business. Quoted £199.00 and recommended their "Blue Tune" which offers both performance and mpg increases.
The remap took about 25 minutes followed by a test drive. The difference in the engine is quite marked; it certainly feels smoother throughout the rev range and there is more torque at the bottom end and an appreciable power increase throughout the range which makes overtaking a lot easier. Gear changes can be made at lower speeds than before with no sign of the engine labouring. There is a temptation to floor the accelerator at inappropriate times but I have largely resisted the impulse. The 175 mile return home at my normal motorway 70-75mph resulted in 56 mpg rather than the usual 49mpg. Obviously I need to do a few weeks of general motoring to build up an overall picture but so far I am very pleased with the results.
The usual disclaimers apply, I have no connection with Quantum or Charlie I am just relating my experiences as a customer.
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Great write up, well done..... please do an update in a month or so to see how it goes.
Just dropped quantum an email, hoping to get another van added to the mapped community!
Now that 5 weeks and 1700 miles have passed since the remap I can give a better overall picture of the performance. MPG has improved to an average of 53mpg over the 1700 miles of mixed motoring giving a 4mpg increase. All the comments made in para. 2 of my original report regards power increase, engine/gear change flexibility still apply.
In straight financial terms the remap will take 17 months to pay for itself which over the estimated remaining 6 year life span will result in savings of £660.00 at current prices and my annual 15000 miles a year.
All things considered I am very pleased with both the performance improvement and the estimated savings which will result. I should have had a remap earlier!
Any updates? :)
I'm debating between the 90 and 110 engines - and looking at http://www.powertrain.renault.com/a...chure_engine_new/Brochure_1500_dCi_b_2014.pdf there isn't much differences in torque/power curves (lower yes, drivability no).

We tend to prefer 5 speed for lazy driving, and the 110 I note has a VNT (VVT) - which I'm not a fan of. So a 90 with possible power upgrade if needed later would be nice to have.
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