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A week ago, while driving in normal conditions I heard a loud noise coming from the engine and immediately the van lost engine power, although it kept driving. So I stopped to check what happened but since it was dark I could not notice anything. Also I am not technical when it comes to car engines.
So I parked the van and the next day when I opened the bonnet I noticed that a pipe broke from the housing.
In the meantime the Malfunction Indication Lamp MIL and the Engine Malfunction Lamp where lighting up both (Amber and Red).
So I decided to buy the pipe and replace it myself.
After I completed the job, the lights kept lit up and this is because of the earlier fault. Thus one needs to clear the error and since we had the tool to clear the error we gave it a try.
After the warning lights went off and it did not lit again.
The cause for this housing to break can be, since it is a rigid pipe, during service the guys tend to rest their arms on it and thus it can lead to a crack which in time breaks completely.


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