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I recently bought a brand new UK version nv200. It has a 1.5 dci Renault (diesel) engine and a 6 speed manual gearbox. It is going to be converted into a Camper van very soon. It will be similar in external appearance to the Lunar Vacanza shown on this forum in another thread by chris67. Inside it will differ from the Lunar. Mine will have a set of cupboards and worktop to one side and a rock and roll bed to sleep two.
Up to now after only 130 miles, the computer reads 43 miles per gallon. It should achieve 53 mpg (my brother's builders van does !)
remember these are English gallons not U.S. gallons.
You can read more about the conversion at dinkumsblog :)
It can also be found by seaching Google images. search for nv200 camper van.
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Welcome to the forum! Care to share any photos of the NV200? :)
I am unsure of how to include a sample mock up photo of the van with side windows fitted. It already has alloy wheels and low profile tyres fitted. It awaits the raising roof and full interior modifications. It will be an all year round camper, with heating, insulation , cooking and wash facilities.
I have tried to cut and paste a photo without success.
dinkum said:
I have tried to cut and paste a photo without success.
To share a photo, upload the image to an external image hosting site. I recommend imgur.com as one can upload quickly without registering an account.

Upload the image to imgur.com, and then copy the "BB Code" that is displayed on the right of the image page. Paste the code here and then everyone will be able to view the image. :)

The code will look like this:

[IMG]***link to your image in here***[/IMG]
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