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Hi All, I bought my ENV 200 new from BSM in Derby in November 2020. Got a reasonable p-ex on the 2015 Leaf I had been driving for 3 1/2 years. It started as an Acenta panel van but factory fitted with glazed back and side cargo doors. Since then I have fully fitted it out by removing the partition and fitting fully insulated ply floor, carpet lining and headlining, Unwin rails and two non reclining back seats. Loads of other small mods to make it convenient for my use as a day van. The appalling ride was sorted out with Dr Nanos composite rear leaf springs which I imported from india and softer front coils from Sachs, diesel van ones I think. Changed the truck tyres for Michelin Cross climate, standard size too. Ride is now acceptable, just. I get 4.5 miles per Kw now in the better weather, I am doing very local motoring mostly. Drove a new Leaf the other day as a loan car from Hendy Southampton while the van was in for service. Nice car but glad to get back in the van. At 16000 miles no problems really, as you would expect. Biggest problem is the poor UK charging network, nowhere near enough fast chargers, even in the London area.
Would like to know if anyone has purchased roof rails that are reasonable quality, not builders roof rack but aerodynamic style.


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