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Factory fitted alarm probs. UK van

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Just taken delivery of a (UK) Tekna grade NV200 with a factory fitted alarm. The alarm sounds in torrential rain when parked and locked. No info on the alarm in the manual (or online). Anyone else with this problem? Can anyone suggest the cause and/or how to resolve the problem?
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I haven't had this problem with the van, but did have something similar happen to a Toyota Supra. Hard rain and car washes would let water get past the bottom door window seal and short out the alarm. The first time it happened, the car started flashing its lights and blowing its horn 1/2 way through the car wash. Even worse, the car wouldn't start until it dried out. The dealer replaced the seal and all was good.
Thanks Pinkman.Time to get the hosepipe out then and systematically soak around the doors and bonnet seals I guess.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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