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I have the Tech package, which of course has the Nav and Reverse camera (among other things). This is my second One. the First one did not have the Tech so i had a Kenwood installed. The Kenwood Reverse camera was Awesome. When i got the Factory one i was very disappointed. (note to anyone looking to get one... get it without the Tech and add in your own Radio after market. it will be better)

Anyway my question is this. I got an aftermarket Camera. I found the connector on the rear door for the camera. It was behind the grey insulation / carpet on the rear door. its a little white connector with 4 wires in it. the socket faces down. This has 4 wires. Red Black Yellow and Bare. That seems very very simple. + - video video ground.

However, when i spliced it in that way my factory radio sensed the camera and attempted to show a video, but it was just flickering like the refresh rate was off.

has anyone been able to replace the factory camera with an aftermarket one? If so what did you do?
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