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Hi all just got my new nv200 and impressed up to now, was delivered on friday, however one thing that strikes me as odd is when i first put the key in the speedo flickers for about 5 seconds is this normal or should i take it back to nissan. thanks

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Took my van to main dealer and they sorted the speedo.
When the vehicles are on the forecourt they remove the 10A transit fuse , this disables some of the electrical functions thus stops the battery draining down.
On my van this affected the speedo,indicator audible clicking when on,and trip computer reset it's self each time the ignition was turned off.
Also the security indicator light now comes on directly under the speedo needle when engine is tuned off and flashes as it should.
So the reason I had the problem was that when they did there ( pre delivery inspection PDI ), they forgot to put the transit fuse back in..
Hope this is a help...

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hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to offer advice on my current problem with the speedo needle on my nissan nv200 evalia dci, which has worked perfectly well for the last four years, but....
it started struggling to start up, so I arranged for it to have a new starter motor fitted, which made the world of difference to how it starts, but in other ways besides!
my nissan nv200 went into garage a few wks ago to have the starter motor replaced, but when it came home it had developed additional problems.

i don't know if these added extras are purely coincidental or connected...

here goes, the added extras since starter was replaced...

1. Speedo needle has started to flicker when the ignition is turned on, needle then jumps up to 10mph level before coming to rest at 3mph.
2. the trip counter & mpg average measurement reset themselves to zero each time the engine is turned on & off.
3. the day the car was returned from garage there was a noise from what I thought was the exhaust about to blow at the manifold. was a deep, throaty frapping noise towards the front of the car, that increased when engine was working harder - turns out there's a plastic box deeper in the engine below the starter motor, this had come apart & was vibrating & making the unexplained noise. a cable tie sorted this issue
4. 2 days ago I had cause to put hazard warning lights on, after pressing the button to turn these lights on I had no idea if they'd come on until I got out of vehicle to look - the usual clicking sound was absent.
it's quite a varied selection of faults & I'd be very grateful to hear from anyone if they think they might have some idea as to what may be causing them. I'm female, a fairly observant one, but don't have deep pockets. garage have suggested the next step should be changing the dashboard, but I'm not so sure & so I'm hoping for help.
if anyone knows what's what will you please be kind enough to let me know whether you think these faults could be connected or not & what the solution is likely to be. one thing I do not know is whether or not the garage have checked the fuses to see if any have blown.
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